The Story Class: From Map to Motion

The Story Class: From Map to Motion

2000 - 4000

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Writers and storytellers of all levels! It's an ALL NEW Tall Tales workshop with brand new writing exercises, games, videos, and topics for discussion--all designed to sharpen your skills in ways you didn't know were possible.

We'll cover mapping the architecture of stories and, once we understand that, putting that theories into action. Thus, we're calling this workshop "From Map to Motion."

What are the factors that turn interesting writing into stories that are unforgettable? What priorities, details, fine-tuning, deeper understanding is required to transform your work? This workshop is designed for writers, thinkers, dreamers, and storytellers of all kinds who are looking to take a dramatic step in their writing and understanding of stories. It will challenge you, educate you, and release you from confining presuppositions about what storytelling means.

What sets some stories apart from others? You'll learn all about it. Why can you remember some stories like you read them yesterday? You'll learn the secrets. How do some movies pull on your heartstrings and get you to fuse yourself with the main character? We'll talk all about it.

Experience our brand new workshop design, change your approach to writing forever, and meet awesome and creative new friends while doing it!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation charge is 50% of the amount if the request is made 48 hours before the event starts. No refund request will be accepted if it is less than 48 hours to the event.
  2. All visitors are expected to behave in an orderly and respectful manner at all times. Use of tobacco, chewing gum, betel leaves and smoking are strictly prohibited in the premises. Visitors shall be liable to compensate for any damage caused by them within the facility.
  3. The Management of Tall Tales reserves the right to refuse admission/entry and/or expel any person/s failing to comply with the Terms and Conditions.